All About Jenn

I'm in that weird stage in my late 20s where I keep forgetting if I'm 27 or 29. I live in a house that's way too big for one person, so my brothers live with me. I'm also engage to the guy who has been tolerating me joyfully for the past 4 years. We have three four little ones with feathers and fur- not the same as children, I know, but its excellent practice for getting thrown up on and working through sleep deprivation. And I totally read mommie-blogs for the parenting tips. And because my own mother is hilarious so I expect others to be the same. So far I'm right.

(Please note that by "mommie blogs" I actually mean the blogs of women who happen to have children and occasionally write about them.)

I'm just trying to figure this blog thing out so any feedback is appreciated. I know that not everything is good but some stuff is gold. Like- let's put that shit on a t-shirt and make a million dollars. Also, this and wine is cheaper than therapy. At least that's what I've been told.

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