Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I’m working on a not-so-nice post about work.I should have it done by tomorrow. But something hit me when I was working on it that actually made me catch my breath and I decided it was far more important to share this first.

I was writing this bit:
“This is often accompanied by a level of restrained hostility that can only be termed “restrained” because his ______ filled “WHAT?!” when I page him doesn’t contain the f-bomb.”

I had already used rage earlier in the piece. I needed a word that conveyed more. So I typed “synonyms for” in my Google search box. And then the Universe gave me a hug. Because before I could type “rage”, other suggestions popped up:
Synonyms for beautiful
Synonyms for amazing
Synonyms for good
Synonyms for great
Synonyms for happy
Synonyms for excited
Synonyms for love

It made me hope that my resolve to be a friendly professional will not be destroyed by another person's venom and self-hate and misery.
It makes me hope that one day soon, I’ll find a job where, even if I’m not petted and praised, I’m at least appreciated and treated as a human being.

And it makes me know that, compared to this, it would be enough.