Monday, June 10, 2013

Round and Round

So- wedding planning. An exercise in futility? Or is it the definition of insanity?
Correct answer: Probably both.

My current problem is firmly routed in circular thinking.
Part 1-The reception venues near us that fit the criteria (windows and an outdoor area for a cigar bar- truly the ONLY thing my fiancee has asked for) either accommodate up to 150 or 350+. This creates a space issue as well as those other venues being ridiculously expensive. Like $150 pp expensive.

Part 2- We have a pared down guest list of about 170-180 (this is down from 300 six months ago). However, there are about 20 people, mostly family, that we are 85% sure are not going to come.

Part 3- If they don't come, there are several additional venues that we can consider but I won't know if they are coming until we send out invitations.
Which we can't do until we book a venue.
Which we can't do until we know how many people we are inviting.
I feel like a dog chasing its damn tail.

In addition, classes started a couple weeks ago and I have only June before my life explodes into 9 classes in 6 months (2 semesters) in the final stretch to graduation.

Add all this to the fact that my boss sees me as a brain dead sweater monkey with excellent typing skills and I am in a mental place so ludicrous, I might go plaid.*

*Yes, this is a Spaceballs reference.


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