Sunday, April 21, 2013

I am so bad at this.

So... It's the end of the semester. I'd like to share the overarching thing that I have learned this Spring: Don't sign up for 5 upper level courses, work 40-50 hours a week, try to plan a wedding and join a "Biggest Loser" Challenge and then proceed to swear off wine.

What. The hell. Was I thinking?

I had my first glass of wine in weeks tonight: 2010 Caymus Cabernet
Only one glass....

But, it seemed to be the catalyst I've been lacking because since I've been drinking it, I've finished all outstanding work for two classes, actually relaxed for the first time in months and solved all the world's problems in my head.

On the up-side: I got shit done.

On the down-side: AA meetings are on the same night and time as Grey's Anatomy.

Conclusion:  Wine is like coffee for night time!*

*Not a scientific fact but sometimes, you've just gotta roll with it.

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