Friday, March 15, 2013


Juggling is hard. 40 hour work week. 5 upper level college courses. Working out. Eating right. Family time. I can't juggle for shit. But I'm trying.

This week's main challenge has been eating dinner in as healthy a manner as I'm eating through the day. I'm failing at it. But that stops today. I'm not going to continue to spiral- that's wasting time. Instead, correct when you see the problem.

My 1 year engagement anniversary was yesterday and that meant going out for dinner. However, I avoided my favorite thing at Gordon Biersch (Gorgonzola Bone-In Ribeye) in favor of the much leaner flame grilled NY Strip. And passing on mashed potatoes and opting for the new quinoa and kale side saved me a couple hundred calories and, more importantly, empty carbs.

What was your challenge this week? Was is a special event or getting out of bed in the morning?

My accomplishment of the day was getting up and doing a 10-Minute Trainer session this morning. (Even if it was just the yoga.) It definitely jump-started my day and put me on the right track. Also, a 1-minute plank and some quick push-ups got my heart started.

What's your next fitness step for the day?

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